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Matt Lewis

Queensland AUSTRALIA

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Children book illustrator and author

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Children book illustrator and author

Imagine if you will a hulking BEAST, at first he seems so scary

He’s large, and loud but clumsy too and oh so very hairy.

But when you look a little closer still you see the eyes are calm,

not fraught with terror but joy and fun and a cheeky bit of charm.

He creates such prose and pictures vast and tells of stories tall,

And after such adventures, you'll be begging to read them all.

When he’s not wrestling wild BUNYIP’s in the Australian outback,

Matthew spends his time writing and illustrating instant favourites,

such as ‘Monsters in My Garden’ and 'Dun Dun did it!'.

Matthew lives, breathes and creates in Queensland, Australia with

his wife and two amazingly creative kids.